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After the great gales of the previous weekend, the wind gods were shattered on a sunny Wednesday evening. The wind therefore had the strength of a dying seagull’s last breaths. Puffin sailed off with the XOD’s and made it round the windward mark and out to No 2 in an increasing flood tide. Blandina and Pimpernel found that the wind dropped at the

wrong moment and failed to get out to 2. After fruitless ages pointing west but travelling east they retired and accepted tows, leaving Puffin as the sole YOD to finish.

The wind gods had seemingly taken an aspirin and blew a happy F2-3 from the South. With a good flood tide the course was set B – 8 – Line – HE – 8. All to starboard. Puffintook the lead from the start followed by Diatom and Pimpernel. After passing the pier and heading to Black Rock it was up spinnakers and off to the North side. Puffin andDiatom gradually pulled away from Pimpernel and rounded B close together. There was then a beat back across to 8, which proved to be the decisive leg, as Diatom, helmed by special guest, Chris Temple, tacked early whereas Puffin continued on starboard. This manoeuvre turned a 5 boat length deficit into a 10 boat length advantage at 8, and with three close reaches to come, proved to be a winning one. Result: 1) Diatom, 2)Puffin, 3) Pimpernel.
Following racing we learnt of the death of Keith Topley, who was a good friend to the Class in the early years after reformation. He was a prime mover in the team racing against the Bar Yacht Club and provided the prize. Many people will have happy memories of racing for ‘Topley’s Spoons’.

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