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The weather held up nicely and for once the wind managed to stay around to the end of the race. Puffin and Blandina were the only two boats out to play with the XOD’s. For once Puffin was not up with the leaders, but still finished well ahead of Blandina.

On a beautiful sunny morning on the first day of summer, the wind decided to have a lie in. The AP went up and there was the usual gathering on the Lawn of Negativity. Just as everyone was on the point of going shopping, the sea breeze decided to make an appearance. It was rather fickle to begin with, however, and came and went for the first half an hour. Diatom tried a pin end start, but with a minute to go lost the wind and drifted backwards over the line, then taking 15 minutes to get back and started. Puffin pounced and sailed off to 8, followed by Pimpernel and Blandina. Once round 8 it was leave # to starboard and proceed to HE. The RO decided to shorten after #, as it was verging on luncheon time. Puffin won the cup, with Blandina getting past Pimpernel in the last few yards to claim second place.

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