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Wednesday 9th July

With the wind a little blustery from the North North West the fleet was sent over to the North Island. Puffin managed to escape the clutches of Blandina and finish first on the water. Francesca, having lagged behind decided to go cruising up the Lymington River before sailing back and retiring.

Sunday 13th July

With a pleasant F2-3 from the West and the tide on the turn from flood to ebb, 5 YOD's came to the line. With the Class Captain back on the water, Genista set off down to Black Rock at a tremendous pace, followed by Diatom, Puffin, Anthea and Pimpernel. Puffin took second place on the last part of the beat, and once round Black Rock, the spinnakers were hoisted and it was out into the last of the flood to go via 2 ( The George) to 14 (Stone Pier). With wind and tide together the apparent wind died down somewhat and it was a struggle to get out far enough to get round 2, which was a passing mark. Anthea started to catch up with Diatom, with Pimpernel also closing the gap. Once round 14 it was a beat back to the start line. With the ebb tide starting to get going and the wind being inconsistent, the Race Officer shortened at this point. Puffin closed in on Genista then pounced to take the lead and win. Following Genista, Diatom gradually pulled away from Anthea, who in turn pulled away from Pimpernel.

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