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Wednesday 2oth May

Three Y's came to the line on Wednesday with a moderate North Westerly wind. The course was set 'B' '4' 'GATE' 'HE' '2' '8' and we started with a scrum with the X's on the start line, from the off we were separated. Puffin chose to stay on starboard tack heading West and Blandina and Anthea headed out in to the middle for the last of the ebb tide where they stayed very close to each other. On approaching 'B' no positions changed and Puffin rounded followed by Blandina and Anthea. On the downwind leg nothing changed. The reach though the gate to 'HE' proved hard for Blandina, leaving Anthea to sneak past, only to let Blandina get mark room. The downwind leg followed by the reach to the finish was Anthea's downfall, she couldn't shake Blandina off and was covered tack for tack and knot for knot. The finishing order was Puffin, Blandina, Anthea.

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