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The wind gusted, the Solent chopped up, and all the racing was cancelled.

The Asparagus Race.
The youthful RO team of June-Mary Smith, Barbara Hempstead and Bernard Turner set a course of Lymington Bank, Black Rock, 3 (Folkboats Forever) line, 15, 8, 16, #, all marks to port except 16. The wind had stayed stronger than forecast and started at NW, moving to N then NE during the race.  From the start, Genista led the field in a puff of cigar smoke with James Hudleston at the helm. Diatom was helmed by John Poyner, and after a slow start, tacked early and when the fleet came together had got into second place. Magnolia with Alex and Hugh on board were in third. With the strong ebb tide really getting going, it was up spinnakers to Black Rock and 3. With the wind now NE, there was a long leg against the tide to 15, with Magnolia closing the gap on Diatom.  Behind, Puffin, Blandina and Pimpernel were having a close battle.  After 15, Genista held on before tacking, but had to tack back.  Diatom held on further - still not enough, and Magnolia held on even further - still not enough.  Genista got round 8 and with the tide under her seemed to be unassailable.  Diatom clawed round 8 to chase while Magnolia battled the tide with the other 3 boats closing in.  Blandina tried to take her, but the tide was too strong and the wind faded.  At the front, Genista ran into a hole and drifted past #, letting Diatom head up high and slip round into the lead.  Magnolia now closed in, but Genista just got round ahead to hold second place. Result1) Diatom, 2) Genista, 3) Magnolia, 4) Puffin, 5) Pimpernel, 6) Blandina.

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